“Learning to Meet Yourself with Kindness“

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Intensive

October 15 – 20, 2024 in The Netherlands (Elspeet)
with Chris Germer & Mila de Koning

Week of mindful self-compassion

Join us for a remarkable opportunity to deepen your self-compassion practice with none other than Chris Germer, one of the renowned founders of the Mindful Self-Compassion program.

We are thrilled to present this unique event on the serene and picturesque Veluwe, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the Dutch countryside.

Experience a profound transformation as you embark on a journey of self-compassion. This intensive program offers a deep dive into the principles of Mindful Self-Compassion, fostering self-kindness, mindfulness, and emotional resilience.

In these 5 days you go through the entire Mindful Self-Compassion training co-guided by one of the founders of the program: Chris Germer. We will dive deep into the material and you get plenty of opportunity to practice.

Exclusive European Offering:  This is an exclusive chance to participate in Chris Germer’s Mindful Self-Compassion Intensive in Europe in 2024. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from the program’s visionary founder and enhance your self-compassion journey.

This program fulfils one of the prerequisite for becoming a MSC teacher.

The program

On the first day, we will meet in the evening to welcome everyone and introduce you to each other and to the programme. During the training you wil:

  • practice mindfulness and self-compassion skills for daily
  • learn ways to meet difficult emotions with greater ease and moment to moment acceptance
  • respond to feelings of failure or inadequacy with self-kindness
  • learn resources to motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism
  • explore ways to transform challenging relationships, old and new
  • experience and learn tools to manage empathy fatigue
  • practice the art of savoring and self-appreciation

Starting date: Oct 15, 2024

Oct 15: check-in hotel from 3.00 CET | Opening: 19.30 – 20.30

Oct 16-19: sessions 9.00 – 12.00 and 2.00 – 5.30 pm

Oct 20: session 9.00 – 12.00 | Lunch at 12.00


Course fee: € 1.075,- Exempt from VAT.

Accommodation: € 995,- (5 nights in a single room on full board) at Hotel Mennorode at the Veluwe


You will stay 5 nights at Hotel Mennorode (Elspeet)

Nestled in the Veluwe, this intensive offers the perfect setting for self-discovery and inner peace. Stroll through enchanting forests, embrace the tranquility of nature, and relish the opportunity for soul-nurturing walks and cycling adventures.

Check out the hotel by clicking here.

Accomodation: 5 nights at Menorode Conference Center € 995 on full board (single room)


Not included

What our participants say about us?

Daniel Berg

“I attended the MSC teacher training in the Netherlands in the summer of 2023. It was a transformative experience for me. There were approximately 40 attendees from over 20 countries, all sharing a commitment to bring more compassion and self-compassion into their lives and the lives of others. The opportunity to interact with so many inspiring people from around the world was unique for me.

The senior teachers, including Mila, Chris (Germer) and Laura were delightful, insightful and inspired with their wisdom, experience and sense of humor. It was a wonderful experience to hear the history and details of the development of the MSC program. The academy made sure that the location and food was excellent. It was hard to leave and we continue to stay in touch with a whatsapp thread.

I would recommend this program wholeheartedly to anyone interested in developing their self-compassion.”

Daria Steketee

Daria Steketee“I spent an inspiring week with teachers Mila, Chris, and Laura, and an international group of students for the MSC Teacher Training. There was so much material to cover which they managed to deliver in an organized, thoughtful and engaging way. They communicate their passion for the subject and give us plenty of exercises to try things out ourselves experientially.

I’m amazed how much I learned in just one week, not only from the teachers but also from my fellow participants.

The training really gave me the tools to begin teaching MSC and the sense of being part of a community of like-minded people. I highly recommend this institute and hope to take more courses with them in the future.”

Will you join us?

Registration is now open. A restricted number of participants can attend this intensive. If you want to make sure you are one of them please do apply soon. As soon as you have registered we will contact you to confirm your reservation. For registration click the button bellow.

Christopher Germer Self-Compassion

Chris Germer

Chris Germer, PhD is a clinical psychologist and lecturer on psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He co-developed the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program with Kristin Neff in 2010 and MSC has since been taught to over 100,000 people worldwide.

They co-authored two books on MSC, The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook and Teaching the Mindful Self-Compassion Program. Chris spends most of his time lecturing and leading workshops around the world on mindfulness and self-compassion.

He is also the author of The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion; he co-edited two influential volumes on therapy, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, and Wisdom and Compassion in Psychotherapy; and he maintains a small private practice in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA.

For more information about Chris, visit www.centerformsc.org

MIndfulness opleider Mila de Koning

Mila de Koning

Mila de Koning has been delivering mindfulness and self-compassion courses, workshops and coaching to different audiences since 2006.

She worked for years in healthcare, within the mental health sector in various positions, including as a nurse, sociotherapist, teacher and prevention worker.  Since 2011, she has focused entirely on mindfulness and self-compassion, within the VU medical centre she founded the mindfulness expertise centre with the aim of bringing mindfulness and self-compassion to healthcare.

Together with Marga Gooren, Mila wrote the book Hart voor de dokter, met zelfcompassie aan het werk in 2020 (will be publishes in English soon) and together they are teaching selfcompassion and mindfulness to doctors and other healthcare workers.

Mila is founder of  the Self Compassion Academy and De Mindfulness Academie and lead teacher of the mindfulness and self-compassion teacher training. The Self Compassion Academy is the European partner of the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion in San Diego, U.S.A .

‘After so many years of teaching mindfulness and self compassion  I still teach with a lot of passion and pleasure. Passing on mindfulness and self-compassion is something I do with my heart and soul. I truly believe that compassion is a force that can change the world!’ 

Mindful Self-Compassion Training Q&A

Mindful Self-Compassion is a training program that is based on scientific research and is accessible to everyone. The program emphasizes the practice of self-compassion and is rooted in mindfulness. MSC equips participants with vital skills and exercises to help them respond to difficult situations and challenging moments with kindness and care towards themselves.

It’s important to note that MSC is not a retreat in the traditional sense, as we encourage sharing experiences as part of the learning process. It’s also not considered psychotherapy. The program is designed to help individuals tap into their inner strength and learn to cope with difficulties, rather than the difficulties themselves being the topic of the conversation. This is also a key difference between MSC and therapy. Participants are expected to take responsibility for how they use these sources of strength to navigate challenging emotions and situations. 

The Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program is designed for psychologically stable adults and is open to everyone. Studies have shown that self-compassion can improve emotional and physical resilience and may even act as a preventative measure. The program helps us learn to love ourselves unconditionally when we need it most. This process can be positive and energizing, but it can also be challenging and painful as difficult feelings may arise. The saying, “Love reveals everything but itself” captures this aspect of emotional healing, where feelings like sadness that were previously ignored can now be processed.

Prior experience with mindfulness and meditation is not necessary. However, participants should be comfortable exploring their inner experiences and feelings with their eyes closed. It’s important to note that this training is not suitable for individuals who are currently mentally unwell or under a lot of emotional stress as the intensive format of the training can be emotionally demanding. It also requires good self-reflective skills and the ability to take responsibility for one’s psychological and physical health and well-being.

The Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program was developed in 2010 by two innovative psychologists, Kristin Neff, PhD, and Christopher Germer, PhD. In 2003, Kristin Neff conducted groundbreaking research into self-compassion and its effects. Since 1980, Christopher Germer has been the first to integrate mindfulness and self-compassion into psychotherapy. The training has been further developed and is now offered worldwide on all continents. The effectiveness of the training’s various exercises and components has been extensively researched and provides a sound scientific basis for the training. For more information, please visit self-compassion.org or chrisgermer.com.

The MSC program is a mindfulness-based compassion training program designed to help participants experience self-compassion. The course includeses that can be easily integrated into everyday life. The training comprises education, guided short meditation exercises, reflection exercises, sharing experiences in small groups and large groups, and suggestions for homework. Typically, the training is offered in an 8-week format, only senior MSC teachers can provide the opportunity to experience the full MSC program in a more intensive format. 

At the Self-Compassion Academy, our teachers are dedicated to providing a learning environment that is both safe and supportive. To ensure the safety of our participants, we kindly request that you disclose any relevant information about your physical and psychological health during the registration process. In case we find any reason to believe that this training may not be suitable for you, we may contact you post-registration.

If you are dealing with any psychological issues, we advise you not to participate in the intensive MSC program or the 8-week program. Instead, we suggest that you seek individual therapy to work on developing self-compassion. Individual therapy allows for a personalized approach that takes into account your unique needs and vulnerabilities, unlike a group setting.