MSC Teacher Training Pathway

Overview of all steps of the MSC Teacher Training Pathway

MSC Teacher Training Pathway

Overview of all steps of the MSC Teacher Training Pathway

How do you become a MSC Teacher?

On this page you will find an explanation of the training steps to become a self-compassion trainer. This self-compassion pathway was developed by our partner organization Center for Mindful Self-Compassion (CMSC) in conjunction with us and other international teaching partners.

The foundation of teaching self-compassion (MSC) is to regularly practice the qualities of mindfulness and self-compassion yourself. Hence, before you can start the teacher training, you must have attended an 8-week MSC training or a 4 to 5-day MSC intensive. So this is actually step 0.

“This trainer training felt like a warm bath. Throughout every step of the training I felt supported and held by my fellow students and the teachers.”

The MSC Teacher Training Pathway

Step 1 the first step of the learning pathway consists of completing the 6-day residential teacher training.

The residential teacher training is designed for people who want to teach self-compassion training (MSC) independently or who want to integrate mindfulness and self-compassion into their professional activities (e.g., psychotherapy, coaching, healthcare, education, etc.). In addition, this training is suitable for those who have a professional interest in it (e.g., researchers, administrators, etc.) 

Step 2 is taking part in the teacher training practicum, You put in practice he knowledge gained from step 1 of the pathway together with a group of fellow teachers-in -training.

Step 3 you have to complete while you are teaching you first 8 week MSC course. Together with maximum 5 other MSC Teachers-in-training you will be supported by a senior MSC Teachers during teaching your first course. Only after na finishing all Zoom consultation sessions you will gain Trainer Teacher status. 

Step 4 the individual mentoring trajectory is for those who want to further professionalize and deepen their trainership and achieve “Certified Teacher” status. 

Summary of the steps of the teacher training pathway

As a partner organization of the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion (CMSC), the Selfcompassion Academ offers prospective trainers support in the all steps of the teacher training pathway to become a “trained” or “certified teacher.

Step 1: 6-day residential MSC Teacher Training

Step 1: 6-day MSC Teacher Training

The 6-day self-compassion teacher training is taught by experienced, certified self-compassion teachers and is built around getting to know, experience and practice all the components of the 8-week MSC course.

During the teachback sessions, participants will have the opportunity to examine each exercise from their own experience and reflect on the theoretical underpinnings of the exercises. In addition, the different elements of the self-compassion course are practiced in small practice groups. All under the guidance of the teacher trainers.

You will receive al the teacher materials that are needed to teach the 8-week program.

Participants must attend all sessions to advance to the next step in trainer training (exceptions will only be made in exceptional situations). 

What do you learn during the MSC Teacher Training?

Upon completion of the 6-day teacher training, participants should be able to:

Required literature

At the start of the teacher training we assume that you have read all of the literature below.

All books are available in bookstores or online. Both (obligatory) books by Christopher Germer and Kristin Neff are also available in different languages.

Recommended literature

Who is the Mindful Self-Compassion teacher training suitable for?

The MSC Teacher Training is suitable for everyone who wants to become a self-compassion teacher and meets the pre-requisites:


Step 2: MSC Teacher Training Practicum (TTP)

Step 2: MSC Teacher Training Practicum (TTP)

The TTP is a 10-week online program with a group of up to 16 teachers-in-training to practice teacher skills in a safe, structured, online environment. The TTP is supervised by two certified MSC teachers/TTP trainers.

Each week, one MSC session will take center stage. As a trainer-in-training, you will prepare each session.

Each time, one teacher in training will have the opportunity to guide one part of the MSC session, followed by feedback and discussion.

There is also the opportunity to meet outside the weekly sessions to prepare the session together.

“The Teacher Trainers practicum gave me the opportunity to work with other trainers in training to really get to know each part of training well. Now I really feel ready to deliver my first training.”

The TTP provides new trainers with a “laboratory” where they can find their own “voice” as they begin to practice what they have learned in the teacher training.

Between each session there is time to reflect on what was learned, prepare for the next session and reflect on personal learning.

The cohort model gives participants the unique opportunity to experience peer support in a safe environment and thus can be a source of support and help long after the practicum is over.

Once you are accepted into the teacher training, you will automatically receive a link to register for your Teacher Training Practicum. Each weekly session lasts 2.5 hours. 

We recommend that you conduct your first MSC training within the first year of completing the Teacher Training Practicum .

NOTE: If you want to receive MSC Trained Teacher Status and receive a certificate (step 3), make sure you conduct your first MSC training within two years of completing your Teacher Training Practicum. Only then can you advance to Step 3. and otherwise you must retake the practicum.

Step 3: Co-teaching your first MSC course, together with consultation via Zoom.

“I found the zoom consultation sessions very supportive. I received good tips and feedback. It was nice to be able to ask an experienced teacher questions during the first course. Difficult situations were also discussed in a very open atmosphere without judgment. I felt very safe t share and supported by the teacher and my fellow teachers in training.” 

Step 3: Co-training your first MCS workout

Once you have completed the trainer’s training and the trainer’s practical, you can immediately start giving the first 8-week training together as a co-teacher. At the same time you follow 10 group consultation sessions.

The consultations are online via Zoom and offer an opportunity to receive advice and support during your first training.

Zoom consulaten sessions have a max of 6 teachers in training attending (a smaller group is possible though) and are being supervised by a senior MSC Teacher.

Requirements for counting Zoom consultations for Trained Teacher status

To qualify for Trained Teacher status after your initial training and Zoom consultations, you must ensure that you meet the following requirements:

Finishing step 3: Apply for Trained Teacher Status

Once you have completed the above steps, you can be awarded Trained Teacher status.

You will then receive a Trained Teacher certificate, be included in the list of Trained Teachers on the website, and be allowed to teach the 8-week MSC training without supervision.

“Thanks to the great support and guidance I received, I now feel confident enough to start teaching the course together with my co-teacher. It’s also great to have found an MSC buddy with whom I can teach. Co-teaching is really nice and fun!”

Step 4: Becoming a Certified Teacher

Step 4: Becoming a Certified Teacher

The “Trained Teacher Status” (Step 3) indicates that the teacher has completed the required training. 

To demonstrate your competencies as a teacher, verified by an approved MSC mentor, you can complete Step 4. We highly recommend this step for those who want to teach MSC training on a regular basis. 

‘Trained MSC teachers’ can follow the path to certification after they have taught at least three MSC courses. They can then take a ‘Collaborative Assessment’ with an approved MSC mentor. The certification path includes at least 14 hours of individual mentoring, for a minimum of two additional MSC trainings. If you want to become Certified please contact your Teacher Trainer.

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